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On-Line Strategies,

founded in 1996, is a software and services company focused on payment processing and related consumer-centric capabilities for its customers.

The company's open-architecture, switch platform supports credit, debit, check and prepaid card payments.

The overriding value of the OLS transaction engine is its ability to host numerous value-added applications simultaneously. The integration of electronic payments, whether initiated in-store, online, or from a mobile device, coupled with extensive consumer loyalty (e.g., rewards and purchase incentives) can result in a significant competitive advantage. For every business it supports, OLS provides strategic benefits and improved customer satisfaction, along with measurable financial and operational improvements.

In August 2012 OLS became a wholly-owned subsidiary of InComm, the world leader in prepaid card and related transaction processing technologies. While OLS continues to operate autonomously in the payment transaction market, it can leverage the experience and resources of InComm, and other InComm subsidiaries, as needed.


Engaging with OLS is decidedly different. Our leadership team and staff are not only skilled professionals, but all bring years of experience and strategic vision in addressing our customer’s needs. We strive to understand existing issues, processing inefficiencies, or bottlenecks you may be experiencing, along with their consequences and overall organizational impacts. From there we work together to prioritize technology alternatives that make sound business, financial and operational sense. OLS prides itself on being nimble and flexible, and is equipped to develop an in-house license or hosted-system arrangement, along with an ongoing services structure that best suits your organization's visions and business model.


OLS' open-architected products and services are available for license or as hosted systems, running on commodity hardware with OLS.Switch acting as the transaction engine in either web-based or traditional online processing environment.

Application suite categories and capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:






OLS’ customers typically experience breakeven and incremental payback within a few months of active production. Quantitative benefits often include increased revenue, expense reduction, improved operational efficiency, regulatory compliance assurance, market share improvement, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, improved technology / technical proficiency and overall performance assurance. We guarantee a meaningful and cost-effective engagement that is straightforward, fair, with meaningful results, and no surprises

Markets Served

Retail and retail pharmacy
Wholesale and distribution
Healthcare providers and payers
Financial Services
Transportation / Transit
State and local government