Application Briefing: OLS.Switch

Positioning Statement: OLS.Switch is the foundation upon which all applications reside.

This dynamic engine governs literally everything that must happen from the moment a

transaction is initiated, to the moment it is successfully completed, regardless of where or

how that transaction originated, and what other systems or information must be consulted

before a process is ultimately finalized. OLS.Switch insulates users from the complexities of

information form, format, communication protocol, data encryption, and more, while

intelligently acting on each transaction through to verified completion in a secure,

standards compliant, 24x7x365 environment.

Capabilities: OLS.Switch provides the infrastructure to process intensely complex

transactions, often simultaneously, for mission-critical applications like:


    Credit and debit authorization

  • ACH / electronic checks / direct deposit

  • Pre-paid debit / stored value card processing

  • Card issuance and management

  • Customer loyalty / rewards program management

  • Pharmacy claims processing and adjudication

  • Vault / Tokenization and EMV support

  • Simple and complex message switching

  • Data Analysis

  • File Management




In addition, OLS.Switch is compatible with virtually any originating device, message format

or processing requirement:



  • Point-of-sale terminals

  • Key and signature pads

  • PCs, mainframes, smart phones, mobile devices

  • Promotion, couponing, and special offer engines

  • Internet and closed-loop messaging

  • Internal and external databases

  • Encryption and data security

  • PCI compliance

  • PA/DSS certification

  • Many more



Markets: OLS.Switch serves, but is not limited to, the following broad market segments:


  • Retail and retail pharmacy

  • Wholesale and distribution

  • Healthcare providers and payers

  • Hospitality, entertainment, travel and leisure

  • Energy

  • Education

  • Insurance

  • Financial services



Architecture: OLS.Switch is built using Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology and

includes the following elements and internal processes:






Results / ROI


  • Reduces IT expense and related staff burden
  • Ensures a secure, standards compliant platform for all applications
  • Assures application compatibility with originating devices, protocols and message formats
  • Improves overall application performance, control, security, speed and flexibility
  • Allows business leadership to conceive and quickly implement profitable new ideas
  • Performs seamlessly in a 24x7 mission-critical processing environment
  • Offers measurable financial and operational improvement





OLS.Switch Application Briefing

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