Application Briefing: OLS.Card

Positioning Statement: OLS.Card is a set of interactive applications and card management capabilities developed for any organization needing to issue, maintain and process traditional plastic or virtual cards. From secure card production and fulfillment through management, administration and comprehensive transaction processing, OLS.Card alleviates the burden and high cost of coordinating and facilitating card issuance. It may function in a closed-loop environment (proprietary to a university or private enterprise, for example), or in an open environment where co-branded cards are issued, activated, accepted and processed universally. OLS.Card supports the most popular consumer payment and non-payment options, including loyalty and rewards programs, PIN- and signature-based debit cards, pre-paid and gift cards, private label cards, corporate closedloop payroll, expense or purchasing cards, co-branded cards, virtual cards and more.


Capabilities: OLS.Card resides on the company’s Java Virtual Machine based switching platform and supports the following functionality:


  • Account holder application / change management
  • Card issuance and maintenance
  • Balance inquiries and cardholder lookup support
  • Loyalty points tallying and redemption
  • Transaction authentication and authorization
  • Transaction processing and fee assessment
  • Velocity checking and variable limits
  • Restricted / unrestricted usage by account
  • Authorized purchases and / or merchants
  • Multiple transaction initiation points
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting
  • More



Markets: OLS.Card may function in any number of environments. Most commonly it is deployed in organizations whose customers demand above average convenience and added value for their patronage, as well as for companies, public and private, that want to simplify payroll, expense management and other employee- or customer-related services. Ideal segments include colleges and universities, specialty retail, hospitality, entertainment, travel and leisure, transportation, utility companies, wholesale and distribution, state, local and Federal government, internet-based organizations and corporations issuing payroll, payment and expense-related cards.



Example Implementation:  OLS.Card – Multi-Purpose



Results / ROI


  • Simplifies card issuance, maintenance and management
  • Reduces IT and administrative staff burden and related expense
  • Opens a huge spectrum of organizational and cardholder payment options at minimal cost
  • Improves the customer experience and overall convenience resulting in greater loyalty and retention
  • Improves positioning, competitive edge and profitability
  • Expands overall payment flexibility, control, security, speed and versatility
  • Allows for rapid implementation of new business ideas and visions
  • Assures significant and measurable operational and financial improvement



OLS.Card Application Briefing


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