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Positioning Statement: On-Line Strategies, founded in 1996, is staffed with some of the finest and most experienced transaction processing professionals in the industry. With collectively well over 200 years of technical, business development, security, product development, project management and consultation expertise, OLS is positioned as the go-to team for helping organizations resolve complex operational and technical issues and realize new business visions quickly and cost effectively.

From every consulting arrangement and high-level business discussion we’ve enjoyed come exciting new ideas through questions from our clients like, “Can we...?” and “What if...?” and “Are you able to...?” It’s these kinds of questions, coupled with creative business visions and OLS technical proficiency, that often give birth to industry-leading new products and services architected with the latest technologies and development disciplines. We’ve grown and prospered right along with our clients as a result of these consulting engagements as the following diagram depicts.



Many of the products and services presented on the outer layers of the spiral above were the direct result of combining OLS expertise from the inner layers with the creativity and desires of our clients.


Capabilities: Consider OLS’ focused transaction processing consulting team for projects and visions involving:

  • Legacy transaction processing system migration
  • Systems integration and production support
  • Project management and outsourcing
  • Business, operational and technical consulting
  • Risk mitigation
  • Security assurance and data encryption
  • Regulatory and standards compliance
  • Security assurance
  • Data collection, transaction analysis and reporting
  • Transaction and originating device integration
  • ATM, POS, EFT/ACH, electronic payments
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Card issuance and management programs
  • Pharmacy systems and claims adjudication
  • Mobile commerce and cloud computing
  • Message management
  • Transaction switching
  • Data and file management


Industry Segments: OLS consultants have extensive experience across many industries and technology disciplines. Specialties include merchant retail, pharmacy, education, energy companies, hospitality, healthcare, financial services, transportation, travel and leisure, wholesale and distribution and many more.


Approach: Engaging with OLS is a unique experience in today’s crowded information technology world. Our consulting teams are not only skilled and knowledgeable, but experienced far beyond the norm. Significant time is spent early on discussing your organization, your plans and strategic desires and visions. Then we work to understand any existing issues, processing inefficiencies and general bottlenecks you may be experiencing, along with their consequences and overall organizational impacts. From there we work together to prioritize technology alternatives that make sound business, financial and operational sense. Should we mutually decide to do business, OLS will develop an in-house license or hosted system arrangement and ongoing services structure that best suits your organization’s visions and business model. Straightforward. Fair. No surprises. Measurable results. Call us when you’re ready – 866-237-4900. We promise and guarantee a meaningful and cost effective engagement.


Consulting Services


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